Online Blackjack, When to Hit or Stand?

When playing blackjack, it is extremely important to know when to hit and when to stand. In fact, the game depends on being able to successfully determine which move you should make. In blackjack, to hit is to ask the dealer for another card. To stand means to refuse any more cards from the dealer and to play the two cards you have been originally dealt.

If a person stands and their card total is closer to 21 without going over, then the dealer’s, they win. The same is true if they hit. The problem is knowing when to hit and when to stand. Most experienced players will have some type of strategy. Players that don’t, will likely be very inconsistent.

Whether or not a player has a hit or stand strategy will typically affect how aggressive they are. Players that have some kind of “rhyme or reason” behind their play tend to be more aggressive than those who do not. Those persons who are typically the most aggressive are those adept at card counting.

Individuals will ask the dealer to “hit them” when they feel like they have a good chance of getting a card that will put them closer to 21 but won’t cause them to bust. They will stand when they have a good chance of winning with the cards they have or when they fear that they might bust if they are dealt an additional card. The house edge in blackjack begins at around 5.5% but an individual has the opportunity to lower that to about 2% if they have a successful hit/stand strategy.

Knowing when to hit or stand is very important when playing blackjack. A person who plans to play regularly would be wise to develop some type of blackjack strategy.

There are many great books and websites available which provide good counsel regarding the best time to hit and when a person may want to stand. Studying various strategies and then choosing one appropriate for oneself is probably the best way to approach this part of the game.