Never Bet the RunLine on a home MLB team

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Sometimes betting the Runline is a favorable baseball betting option in a “lopsided” MLB game. When I look at a heavy MLB favorite I just cringe at betting a team to win at -180 or something. I mean win 80 cents to my dollar? UCK. So lots of times if a team is that much better, you could bet the -1.5 bet and make it a +100 bet or something. Well, I’m here to tell you that betting the runline on the HOME team is foolish. Think about it. If a baseball game is close, lets say tied, going into the later innings. The home team bats last and as soon as they score that winning run – the game is over. This happens way more often than you would think. The home team ends up winning by 1 run and you and your runline are screwed. Despite the home team still having bases loaded or men on base – doesn’t matter – games over.

Now if you bet the runline on the Away team, they can continue piling on runs in the later innings. Much more attractive of a bet. So remember this next time you think that runline looks like a good bet. Don’t do it on the home MLB team!