Watching the NFL Free Agency Before Making Futures Bets

Futures betting in the NFL is obviously huge, because betting on the Super Bowl is something that will typically be talked about as soon as those always popular futures betting options on it are released.  But one thing that’s crucial right now when betting on the NFL, and is a tip that you’ll find on some of the more popular online betting blogs, is to wait until you see what happens in free agency in the NFL before placing your bets.

Currently, there are quite a few big named free agents out there, and it’s really anyone’s guess as to which teams are poised to make the big additions that could make the difference for their team in the upcoming NFL season.

For example, there are quite a few teams out there looking to fill just one or two voids, and if that team fills those voids, they could definitely go from a middle of the pack team, to a serious contender to take down at least their conference championship this coming year.  We are going to take a look at a few tips on things to look for when betting on a team to win the Super Bowl that could occur in free agency.

Play Maker Additions

Typically, I consider a play maker to be a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver, but recently in the NFL it seems that a play maker is really someone who can just make the offense or defense all around better.  This can include really any position on defense, and pretty much any position from quarterback, wide out, running back, or tight end on the offensive side of the ball.

Interestingly, this offseason currently has the potential to be one of the most interesting free agency periods, with quite a few potential play makers at many different positions.  Watching the odds on your favorite betting sites is a great idea as well when a play maker signs, because this is a great spot to get your bet in before the season starts so that you can pick up some excellent odds.

Teams Filling Holes

We touched on this topic above, but if a team is weak in the secondary (like the Dallas Cowboys for example), but they add a cornerback and a safety, this completely takes this team from a middle of the pack team, to a team that has some serious potential to make some noise this coming season.

The odds may not change that much as well, because many people feel that the futures betting odds are pretty much set unless there is a huge addition to a team at the quarterback or running back position (possibly through the draft in some situations).  So if a team like the Colts were to add the quarterback of the future with the first pick in the draft, this would obviously change the teams’ odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl or the AFC quite a bit.