Why Sometimes the Best Sports Betting Angle is Your Gut

In the world of online sports betting there can be quite a few different tips and strategies that it is recommended to follow.  Often times though, the best tips and strategies that you can find for betting relate to simply following your gut on a game.  There are going to be some odd lines, and games that simply look like everything about that game betting wise is just way off, but one important slogan that I’ve learned to live by in sports betting is that “if the line looks wrong, it probably ISN’T”.

What this means is that if a team who is 10-16 in the NBA is favored by two over a team who is 18-8, there is probably a reason why this is.  The reason might not always make sense, and may not be the easiest thing to understand, but those oddsmakers definitely know what they are doing out there.  This is why sometimes in sports betting, following your gut instinct can be the best way to bring in a profit at the end of the day.  Today, we are going to look at some ways to make sure that you bet with your instincts!

Sports You Know

Everyone has that one sport or two that they simply know inside and out.  Whether it is betting on the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLB, Soccer, College Hoops, College Football, or even Golf or Tennis, there is always something that you just seem to know everything about.  So why does this matter?  Well, essentially this can give you all of the answers that you are looking for, because most of you can go through a sports betting list of games for that day and literally pick out lines that just don’t look right, or lines that stand out to you automatically.

This is, of course, going with your gut instinct!  So what I’m essentially saying here is that seeing that line that you say “I LOVE that bet”, before doing any research at all is the one that could end up making you the most money on the night.  Don’t doubt yourself, because you know that sport, and you’ve already done your research throughout the entire season up to that point!

Betting Underdogs With Your Gut

Believe me, I fully understand that it can be tough to avoid betting on those huge underdogs with odds of like +600 or more, but realistically those teams aren’t going to hit on the money line very often.  If they do, and you bet it consistently, then you probably aren’t making your losses back by hitting just one of these.

This is why you should go with your gut when betting on underdogs more than anything!  Underdogs are those teams who late in the NCAA basketball season need a big home win against a top 20 team to lock up their NCAA Tournament spot.  You can get a good money line bet, and you’ll know almost instantly when you see the match-ups which teams that you want to get on to win straight up.