Why You Should Play Online Poker at Smaller Sites

We all see the advertisements and excellent deposit bonuses offered by online poker sites, especially the ones that draw in a ton of new players each month and have tons of games.  Have you ever really thought about the amount of talent goes to those poker sites?  Sure, there are some pretty below average players there as well; but if you play middle to high limit games, you are going to be sitting down at a table with some very good players.  A lot of players can still be very profitable against those other good players, but why risk it?  Would you walk into a casino and sit down at a table with Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Hellmuth?  Or would you go sit at the table with the players that you have never heard of?  No brainer for me.

Choosing an online poker site to play at is incredibly hard.  You have to factor in the deposit bonuses, rakeback, the software that the site uses, how easy the game play is, etc.  There are a lot of different things to consider, but why not consider what sites have the games that are the easiest to be profitable at?  I can go out on a limb here and say that for most players, those games won’t be at the big poker sites.  I recommend trying out one of the smaller sites, the ones that still offer some good bonuses, but their players aren’t incredible!

Loyalty Bonuses

On top of that though, if a poker site has a smaller number of players; don’t you think they would focus on trying to keep those players on their site?  Some of the smaller sites will give bonuses or entries into free rolls for players who play a lot, or even for referring friends to the site as well.  There are a lot of things that benefit smaller sites over larger sites in the long run.  Of course if you play 10-15 tables at a time, you need to be sure that the smaller site will have those numbers of games running consistently; but as long as they do, you can make a good profit.

Another thing that some of the smaller sites offer compared to the big sites, is the ability to clear your deposit bonus much easier, as well as a better reward system.  The big sites don’t typically run into players worrying about their VIP or reward system, or even worrying about clearing the bonus incredibly quickly.  The reason for this, is because they have the big name that comes with the popularity.

Tournament Play

The ease of cash game play isn’t the only reason that I recommend possibly trying out a smaller site.  Tournament play is important in this as well.  While the smaller sites may not have the biggest guaranteed tournaments, the player field will be much lighter as well.  And I mean that in terms of “light”, like the players won’t be as skilled, and the fields won’t be as huge so it will be easier overall to consistently cash more tournaments.  You won’t make the final table every time, but see how your “in the money” percentage looks once you are on the site for a few months.